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About Carla

A mom just trying to help other moms with petite little ones. I live on a big farm in the middle of nowhere. With no shopping malls in site! I rely on that dear UPS or Fed Ex person, who so kindly drops packages off at my doorstep.

All by trial and error through my own journey.

The Tiny Miracle

Everyone on every side of the family had these giant size babies. So at the advice of all the family I prepared myself for the arrival of my own very big baby. Due to many complications of a rough pregnancy there was not a giant baby. Imagine my shock and surprise when the tiny 4Lb 15oz miracle arrived and as I gazed starstruck at this tiny little human, I thought to myself “well this is going to be an adventure and boy was I not kidding on the adventure part!

She made up for her smallness in every way possible. Hit milestones way ahead of schedule. Nothing stopped her and no mountain was too big.


Return Upon Return and Research

The reason I started this journey was the very little information I could find to help me through trying to find petite anything for my small miracle. I lived 3-4 hours from ANY major shopping and relied heavily on online shopping and reviews.

The baby stage was manageable. And then she started walking. At 9 months! Now imagine a little girl in 6 month size clothes walking and needing proper shoes to walk over our rough farm environment. I needed quality shoes and clothes that could withstand all the mud puddles, snow, and pretty much whatever adventure she chose to go on. How could I say no to those big blue eyes just because I couldn’t find that proper shoe? I would feel so bad watching her try to walk around and it was so obvious her shoes were hindering her. Or see her face plant as her to wide shoes just didn’t walk so good with all that room in there. I cared that she was comfortable!

So I bought and returned and searched and searched and waited for packages to arrive.

The amount of time and effort was huge but like I said, this little girl wasn’t going to be stopped and adventure was top on her list. Mama better keep up!

Then the toddler stage hit and princesses and dresses. Yet again I found myself ordering and returning and searching again for a dress that would twirl but not fall off her shoulders. She wanted dresses! Not shirts, not tunics, but little girl dresses to twirl and dance in. How could I tell her I could not find dresses for petite princesses?


To Help Another

I wanted to compile things I have learned. Brands that never let me down. Things to look for and styles that work so well. Tips and tricks for anything baby!  But most of all help a fellow Mom not get as frustrated as I did! Life is an adventure! I never wanted something so simple as being petite get in the way of that.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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