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Airplane Toys for Toddlers – Parenting Without Technology

We love to travel and as many times I say that I think, do we really love it? First child and it was some kind of learning curve. She did not properly sleep till she was 2 so any trip meant even less sleep and I would almost dread it long before we left.

Everyone talks about how terrible air travel is with toddlers and I say it is a whole lot better than driving 16 hours with them strapped in a car seat going completely crazy no matter what you give them! You can actually have some sort of movement in a plane. Its so much better when they get their own seat to. They can wiggle as much as they want without bothering to many people.

Once they get old enough technology works but I hate for them to be so drowned in their little games and shows that they miss so many life experiences while traveling. But there does come a time when it is better than a mad grumpy 2 year old trapped in a plane to!

It is important for them to respect their space in a plane. No kicking seats, loud talking etc. We try hard to make our children so that they are an asset to society and work together to improve the trip for others, not make it horrible! Kindness and manners are never out of style. I can’t remember the last time I read a book on a plane or finished my snacks or watched something. I used to look forward to a plane ride for that but it might be awhile before that happens again?

Some children experience anxiety and that is a way different story!

I like light weight games and activities because keep in mind these have to be lugged around an airport and I like to give my almost 3 year old her own backpack and fill it with the lighter things like stickers and a few light books! She helps me pack it and can see all the fun and new things she will be able to play with and cannot wait for the plane ride! Sometimes I stick a few surprise things in to for extra fun.  I like the light games becuase I try to have a variety along.  Toddlers do not stick to any avtivity to long!  Mine sure doesn’t!

Re-Stickable StickersAirplane Toys For Toddlers Re-stickable Stickers

Truly a wonder! The first set we had was gifted and I have been sold ever since! They stick to windows, seats, tray tables and do not make a mess! You can just pull them off and bring them on the next trip!  Melissa and Doug is the brand with the best ones that re-stick trip after trip.

You can get a lot of different kinds and sets. Some come in a book form and have different pages and scenes to use that imagination on!

They also have dolls that you can dress and redress. Like modern paper dolls! My 2 year old loves this as she is in the age of princess everything and dolls and pink and changing clothes 20 times a day!

Magnetic GamesAirplane Toys For Toddlers Magnetic Games

Magnetic anything in an airplane is key. It is not always the steadiest ride and the tray is often kind of slippery and not perfectly straight. Magnetic dolls are so fun with changing clothes a snap and easy for little fingers to be able to change the dolls themselves.

Magnetic games like Go Fish, Bingo, and Memory are wonderful and are in their own tin and are played in that tin so the game is completely contained and can be thrown in a back pack and not get lost! I love these because different games can be made out of them. For the longest time we played Go Fish but just matched colors. Educational and time-consuming!

Magnetic Construction toys are great to and do not get lost near as easy!  You can build so many things with them.  Also a great airport toy as they kind of work anywhere without needing a perfectly balanced surface!

Mess Free Coloring

Is that a thing? To not lug endless markers and crayons and then worry about the tray, seat, or skin getting colored on? Yes! The best invention ever! They are also re-usable and dry quickly. You can get activities or color scenes. We have used these everywhere and all you need is a bit of water and you are set! Restaurants, travel, doctors office. Small enough to throw in your purse.

Melissa and Doug toys have been a life saver! They seem to read my Mom mind and bring a lot to the table when it comes to travel toys and mess free ones to.

I love that they come with a few pages because a toddler quickly becomes bored with one page and we can go back and forth and it does not matter with the water and quickly dries. There are also many hidden objects in the pictures and as she grew older we had fun finding them.

Imagine Ink has amazing mess free markers! If you get the right mess free papers and coloring books then the markers color the color that is on the lid.  If you color on anything else it is just clear and dries without a trace! Trust me, it is the answer especially for those littles that no matter how hard they try they cannot stay on the paper perfectly! But are creative enough to think it is the coolest thing to color!

I feel like so many children are creative but the mess is sometimes what keeps me from getting something out and these options are truly so child friendly it gets them that early start! Without the mess.


Ah, the wonderful world of books! I like to get a few new ones and keep them till the plane as a surprise. My girl is old enough now to pack her bag and packing it with new stuff is so exciting and she cannot wait to get on that plane and start opening new stuff! Remember to get paperbacks and you can have more of a variety because of being so much lighter. I think books are such a good investment!  So many studies point to so many benefits of reading to your child.

We love so many but I will list a few of our favorites! Amazon has lots of them gently used for such a Airplane Toys For Toddlers Booksgood price.

  • Franklin books have lots of color and lots of pictures to look at
  • Mr. Men and Little Miss books are small and super light and my daughter loves them!
  • Frog and Toad so funny that I love them to!
  • Fancy Nancy for those princess girls.
  • Pete the Cat because they are entertaining books to read.
  • Any Usborne brand book so educational and colorful.
  • Clifford her new favorite.

These are just a few of my favorite ones and I hope they help you on your next journey. These are all good for any type of public place really! We always have a small backpack full of things in the car that she only gets if we are in town, at restaurants and on trips.

She does not get these toys every day so that small unicorn back pack is a novelty of sorts! We change toys in there every now and then with new ones when we go on a long trip like road trips or airplane trips! These are all tested and toddler approved so far! Moms stamp of approval to! She loves these and often she finds friends because they are interested in her fun toys and have made many friends along the way. She is not in a tech daze either and can still be present in her surroundings while being entertained!

Enjoy the ride!



  • Olanike

    This is wonderful post for me and my kids. As a mother i have always wanted books that are colourful enough for the attention of my children and also for them to learn from. Franklin sparkles and Magnetic tins are wonderful books. 

    These books are all good for my children , and I hope to get more of them as a mother.

  • Wealthfather

    Great Content and Information!What a concise and thorough article. I found the post very detailed and Informative. So so many useful tips and tricks all on one page! Wonderful! I bookmarked to look further. I have been looking for educative airplane toys for my kids and i appreciate the series you provided here.

    I have heard of the creators of these airplane toys and they do have a good reputation according to many people that left comments in different places on the social media

    • Carla

      It is a juggle and can change from time to time to!  I try to be prepared.  Traveling has become much more fun as we have learned what works and is easy on us all!

  • Louis

    This is a very timely post. I’m looking to travel in a couple of weeks, and I’ve been looking for the best way to keep my son busy, and perhaps tire him out on the flight.

    My son loves art, so I believe he will like to make use of one of the mess free colouring pad. Magnetic board games are also a good idea, I’m so happy to come across all this information.

    Now, I kind of imagine why I didn’t think of all these. Thanks for the help, regards

    • Carla

      Yes they are lifesavers!  Kids can be so busy and I want more than one thing to keep her entertained!  But not lug so many bags around for all the entertainment!  It so helps to go prepared.  Any more help or questions let me know!   Don’t forget the snacks! 

  • Andrew

    Hello there! I have just finished reading your article about airplane toys for toddlers and just had to drop you a quick comment to say thanks. 

    Its not easy taking toddlers on any kind of public transport sometimes! But yes, long flights can be a real nightmare if your aren’t properly prepared with a few distractions. You have some great suggestions in this article and I particularly like the water colouring books! I’ve had a couple of these books in the past and they are great. My kids love these!

    I also like that you mentioned the Frog And Toad books! If anyone out there doesn’t know what these are, then I highly recommend them too. So funny!

    Thanks for a great read.



    • Carla

      Public transport is no joke, but I do realize the more you do it the easier it becomes.  If I am prepared with distractions always helps!  I have a super busy little girl.

      I am so, so glad to hear you know what Frog and Toad books are!  So few people know them and I would love for everyone to know about them!  I find myself way more willing to read when it is something we both enjoy!  

      The water coloring is the best invention ever for parents!  We love them and there are such a variety of different ones to.  I feel like it is something that is age appropriate for a long time!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • jaykaynigltd

    This is a great informative and educative article. You have put everything in perspective for anyone reading this post .You have done this wonderfully well, nicely put together. Your girl is lucky to have you! Honestly not many parents consider this; not intentionally or just wickedness but ignorance! Travelling is a major hurdle for children especially the little ones. But reading this article you have gave me ideas on how to make it wonderful for my boy when next I have to take him with me.
    I will love to see more teachings for Kids on this page.

    • Carla

      Thanks glad to help!  Yes, once I realized how hard it must be for children to travel (even the Mum is tired at the end of a long flight) I set out to make it easier for both of us!  Life is an amazing journey and I want it to be enjoyed by all!  

  • Lynne Huysamen

    Oh I need re-stickable stickers for my kids! We have stickers everywhere and they are a nightmare to remove! I can imagine those will keep the little ones occupied on a long trip. Stickers are always such a hit. 

    We are also big fans of reading, but you just can’t pack a lot of books while traveling since they weigh so much and it is not easy dealing with young kids as it is without adding in lots of heavy bags to lug around. I love your suggestion of magnetic games – that is brilliant and I also love the mess free coloring! My daughter loves coloring and can spend hours at it but of course then we need all her color pencils and she is always needing to sharpen them which as you know makes a huge mess!

    • Carla

      Yes get the stickers ASAP!  You will love them.  Although we have had to have talks now when she gets real ones given to her!  We just picked up some new ones for our flight next week and they now have a princess dress up one and she is SO excited about it!  

      The games are awesome to and we have a few and switch them out or I let her pick the one she wants to bring along.  Getting them involved helps so much!

      Cheers to traveling with kids!

  • Barrywesley

    Wow!  I really want to commend you for taking out time to write this article about Airplane Toys for Toddlers – Parenting Without Technology. My little niece, though she has never traveled in a plane before, but when we travel on road transport, especially a very long one, she likes reading and so we travel alot with story books, she also likes frog and toad. So, when traveling, if she is not reading, she is sleeping , she doesn’t really go along with toys. I am going to bookmark this page, because her mum needs to see, these books, Mr men and little Mrs, it sounds as if it’s going to be interesting 

    • Carla

      Mr. Men and Miss Little books are great!  Simple but she seems to love them and there are so many different ones out there to collect.  Not expensive, so an easy investment!

  • Jóhann H. Ragnarsson

    Great article. I was looking for a gift, and this helps me a lot. I know the memory game but not so much Go Fish. Does it have something in comment if we forget it is both magnetic toys?
    Can all ages play Go Fish? Or do we need to something have in mind, for example about the parts in the game like in so many games?
    Are the parts heavy or do it easily fall? What I have in mind is the question if it is much danger of losing the parts.

    Thank you for your great ideas.

    • Carla

      It is a game with parts.  The tin opens and you play the game inside the tin is losing parts can happen but the game is contained! If you play the exact rules then your toddler might not be able to.  We used that game for matching colors and picking them up with the fishing rods.  If you follow the link for it then you can review the rules.

      It is super light weight.  I do not get anything heavy as I do not want heavy bags and big things to lug around airports.

      Thanks for your questions!

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