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Baby Girl Shoes – Mom With A Mission

The shoes have always got me and I dreamed of baby girl shoes. Bows, pink, ribbons on them. I spent many an hour dreaming of shoes online and in the store and there is a lot to dream about!

When you have a 4lb 15 oz baby, the shoes just are not going to fit. Not a one stayed on those teeny tiny narrow feet! Those little feet stayed little for a very long time! Summer was not to bad because barefoot isn’t the worst thing and you can always throw a blanket over those adorable feet!Baby Shoes

So many shoes came off under a blanket. I wonder how many pairs of shoes we actually lost along the way! Some people might say they are not practical but seriously they are just SO cute that I could not resist but I was also picky and wanted quality and also practicality. Something that actually would stay on. Something that could go with every outfit and I could count on!

So I searched. Meanwhile, I went to visit my parents who were missionaries in a foreign country and every baby shoe there was made from the softest leather and was so flexible.

So that was my mission here, So many baby girl shoes were honestly just not for a baby. Heavy soles and not flexible at all. Super stiff fabric that could not have been comfortable! Even moccasins could be super stiff! You just have to know what to get and to be picky! Just because they are cute does not mean you have to get them!  I like to tell myself that when I stand in front of rows and rows of baby shoes starstruck!

Crib shoes

Crib shoes are what they sound like! You could wear them in a crib. They are a soft sole shoe and often are not grippy on the bottom at all so not for walkers! Or at least not for walkers on hardwood floor or tile. Some have grippy dots on the bottom but I still would not say they are grippy.Baby Shoes Crib Shoes

One thing I did learn was to find shoes I could wear socks in. Those little grippers on baby socks helped keep the shoe on and did not fall off as easily! We still use that method with narrow shoes for my toddler today! We have never gotten away from narrow feet and have learned a few tricks and tips from the baby stage that hung on!

The biggest problem with my daughters petite feet and baby shoes was that they were so wide. It seemed like all baby shoes would fit her lengthwise but width wise they fell off! SO many sights do not post measurements of their shoes wish would be so helpful. Or they post that their shoes run a typical size 2. Just saying but there are a lot of size 2’s out there that are extremely different in size and a quarter inch difference on a baby’s foot can make all the difference!


Barefoot Shoes

Have you ever heard of them? I had not until I was searching and searching for something to dress up an outfit! I gravitate towards shoes to finish an outfit off but there is something about those doll like feet that need to be seen to! I found barefoot shoes in every color and they are truly are just adorable and add that little dress up touch without actual shoes for summer.

They do stay on to! Always a plus in my mind! There are a lot of kinds, but I especially like the ones with bows or flowers on them for that extra pop of color and fluff! Perfect for summer weddings and photo shoots and maybe just an errand run for that day. Sometimes that gives mama some courage to. Bright and beautiful toes peeking out from underneath a blanket!


This is a shoe I love! You want the soft, comfortable, and flexible ones. There are a lot of faux moccasins that are cute but not very functional. Freshly Picked moccasins are truly worth the money and last Baby Shoes Moccasinsforever! Through baby hood into the crazy running around stage. Mine made it through everything and grew with her. They fit with the elastic on the back. Super classy colors and styles pretty much check all the boxes for me!

They go with any occasion and style and are the most practical shoes I ever got! The best part is the toddler ones have mini soles so when they start walking there is a little protection. They just get softer and comfier with time!

Warm Winter Shoes

I kind of laughed when someone told me about Robeez winter moccasin type boots and said well they Baby Shoes Winterwill never stay on with my small wiggly little cutie. I was wrong and she was right. These stay on and keep their feet warm through nap time, school pickup and just life. The perfect winter shoe. Super warm to!

We live in a place where it can get super windy and cold so I there are certain hings we just have to have! These were life savers because I had a child that was just in the kicking bouncing stage going into winter and honestly thought there was no hope for something that would literally stay glued to her feet!

Shoes – Wonderful Shoes

When I became a Mom I vowed to not buy out of emotion only! There are so many good shoes and brands out there if you have the time to look around and not get completely dazzled by the shoe aisle! Especially with wiggly narrow baby feet I had to find something after many lost pairs of shoes and I just want to help anyone else looking for the same thing I was!

Shoes are a wonderful thing and can honestly make or break and outfit choice! Something about shies in such a tiny size and on tiny feet always have made me melt. Remember to love the stage you are going through and shoes are icing on the cake! It is so much fun to shop and dream!

Cheers to shoes!



  • Jafor Iqbal

    Wow, This is a wonderful article and alluring Shoes review! I have read your article carefully and love it very much.  Every baby Shoes is the most beautiful and alluring for a baby. If my baby sees this then they will be very excited. I am interested to buy for my baby kids and highly recommended. Thanks for the great review.

  • Daniel

    I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I have a niece who is 1 year old and her birthday is next week. I am glad that I stumbled upon this article as you give me a great idea what to buy for her. It’s still the winter season so I will get her winter Robeez shoes, she will be happy to wear them.

  • Alice

    These shoes look really cute! I especially like the crib and warm winter baby girl shoes.

    The beauty of having a baby girl is that you can dress her up in very adorable outfits, from floral to pastel and all that. So when I got pregnant with my first baby, I really hoped that it would be a “she” so I have all the reasons to buy all sort of pretty dresses, ribbons and of course shoes. Imagine my joy when I found out that me and my husband were having a girl.

    So I started shopping for my soon to be born baby girl. I must admit, as a first time to be mom, I could not resist the urge to buy more that what’s necessary especially when you are presented with shoes that are so pretty. Of course, as parents we want our babies to not only look gorgeous in their outfits but more importantly to be comfortable.

    • admin

      Yes I realized with time that quality and looks needed to go hand in hand as she started walking and actually needing comfort!  But I was not wiling to give up style!  I loved hearing your view on them. Sounds like you like to shop as much as I do!  Cheers to cute little girlies!

  • Marshall

    Shoes with softest leather are flexible and they are the best. In my view, I think shoes with heavy soles are not OK for babies. Robeez winter moccasin boot type are lovely and it wonderful I wish I can get for adult too so my wife can do mummy and daughter outfit. My view is that ladies should go for the best and comfortable shoes.

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