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Baby Pajamas – Comfort and Safety

How I love baby pajamas! There is nothing like a freshly bathed baby and clean pajamas to make that heart just burst with love! By morning some of the magic of baby pajamas fades away. But you can’t tell me that there is not some magic in bedtime and a soft snuggled baby with snug little pajamas that makes you squeeze them just a little longer. The things I learned along the way are important and this is all by trial and error and experience.

The good thing is that you can use infant pajamas for anything, they so often can double as a wear all day outfit. They are pretty, colorful and cute. Soft and comfortable for baby and all those naps. They take out the guesswork and endless layers to wade through to clean that blowout.

Having said that, I feel it is important to me to have a sleep routine and to me part of that is changing into pajamas for night even at a very early age.

Have enough that you do not have to do laundry every day. When they get older re-wearing things isn’t always out of the picture, a newborn is a different story!

Newborn Nights And A New Mom

I had a baby that was up at night a lot and I also had a baby that needed a lot of diaper changes at night to! The best tip I ever got was to buy sleepers with zippers and not snaps! I was not in the best frame of mind at night to struggle with snaps and trying to line them up so that it was not a twisted mess!

Zippers are key for those night changes. Just make sure that even though your bleary eyes and foggy mind are trying to focus on the task at hand, please put a finger under that zipper when you zip it up! Baby Pajamas ZippersThat skin is so, SO tender that even a tiny bit can get caught and how awful is that? Plus forget sleep for a while. Happy baby, happy Mama.

Trust me, Dads fumbling fingers at 2 am appreciates zippers to!

if you do use a sleep sack then you hardly need a whole body suit type of pajama. I used just a long sleeve onesie in winter and then put her in a sleeper with no feet for winter. You want to keep temperature in mind and read the safety about keeping babies the right temperature especially at night.


Because this is about pajamas and babies and that means nighttime, I want to drive home how important safety is when it comes to sleep. The need for safety for newborns is so real. Dressing them properly to sleep is so important. Overheating and overcooling can have devastating effects.

  • Snug fit pajamas that do not any extra fabric that can bunch up.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Sleep sacks. A wearable blanket that cannot unravel. Please use one! It eases my mind for you! Especially if you think your baby needs that extra layer.
  • Make sure your baby pajamas fit properly
  • 100% Cotton

Fabric and Comfort Choices

I am a sucker when it comes to comfort for babies, toddlers, and even adults. Snug fit pajamas has all that and more. I love them. Love them. They move and are always soft. Like T-shirt soft.

I have found organic cotton to almost always be the softest if you can spend the money. They just have a soft buttery feel. 100% cotton makes the baby pajamas breathable. Therefore, overheating is not as likely as fleece or another fabric mix.


What I really want is for Mama to sleep. Making bedtime choices is important to me. I had a crazy sleeper till 2 years old and I felt like comfort and good choices when it came to pajamas was important! I did everything in my power to have comfort but not compromising safety.


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