• Healthy On The Go Snacks For Kids
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    Healthy On The Go Snacks For Kids

    We are on the go a lot. So healthy on the go snacks for kids was a must! Our closest town is 45 min away so we spend a lot of time in our car! My husband farms and a lot of afternoons are spent in tractors and trucks and we have found snacks to be an absolute must when it comes to children! No hangry children if you are willing to plan just a bit and have some handy! On The Go So as handy dandy as prepackaged snacks are I try to avoid them! You can buy them in bulk for a lot cheaper and package them yourself…

  • Travel With Toddlers Airplane
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    Traveling Tips For Toddlers – What You Really Need

    The one thing I dreaded when our sweet girl was born was travel. I live 1000 miles from my family in Canada and it is a 16-hour drive that we try to make at least twice a year. We had a Grandma in Phoenix that was getting older and needing visitors. We had family spread all over the USA and Canada that we were close to and wanted to see. Family on Mission trips all over the world. Never mind a few fun vacations here and there on top of that! I was determined to not let it stop us. It. Is. Exhausting. There are many things I wish I…

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    Summer Dresses for Girls – Breezy, Cool, And Practical

    Summer dresses for girls. We have a princess in the house and she always appreciates a good dress that makes her dance and twirl. I get visions of summer in my head when I think of summer dress shopping. To me that includes color and comfort and practicality. They have to be breezy, cool and can withstand the heat of summer. Fun dresses to twirl and play in. Ice cream parlor visits and zoo days. Trips to the playground and picnics for lunch. Fun dresses to enjoy the heat of summer and practical enough to be able to play in a sprinkler when you see one! Days of sidewalk chalk…

  • Freshly Picked Perfected
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    Freshly Picked – Reviewing A Baby Shoe Staple

    I love a good baby shoe and I sure love a good baby moccasin! This moccasin has the best of both worlds, going from casual to dressy in a snap! The best part is that they are so super comfortable, easy to put on and last till the next growth spurt! You do not need any other kind of shoe! They work with socks and without socks as they are made from the softest vegan leather so no blisters or wear on that gorgeous skin! We have worn moccasins through thick and thin and they are warm enough for winter but cool enough for summer. Winter time requires socks, but…

  • Baby Shoes Moccasins

    Baby Girl Shoes – Mom With A Mission

    The shoes have always got me and I dreamed of baby girl shoes. Bows, pink, ribbons on them. I spent many an hour dreaming of shoes online and in the store and there is a lot to dream about! When you have a 4lb 15 oz baby, the shoes just are not going to fit. Not a one stayed on those teeny tiny narrow feet! Those little feet stayed little for a very long time! Summer was not to bad because barefoot isn’t the worst thing and you can always throw a blanket over those adorable feet! So many shoes came off under a blanket. I wonder how many pairs…

  • Skinny Jeans For Girls
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    Skinny Jeans for Girls – Best Fit For Petites

    Jeans. Wonderful and yet complicated! I have a petite daughter who is mostly a complete princess. The thing is we live on a farm and jeans are a must when it comes to working outside and so much safer! Leggings are good but leggings and mud are not quite as good of a pair. Nothing keeps mud off quite like jeans. They are also warm and we throw on wind breaking pants and you have warm enough spring pants to go splash in the puddles. We have to be pretty practical around here. They are truly so versatile and go with anything. From farm girl to princess in a hurry.…

  • Toddler Swimsuit Rash Guard
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    Toddler Swimsuits – Safety Plus Style

    There is nothing as fun as toddler swimsuits and sunny summer days! Pool days are the best. But make sure you are safe out there. You need snacks, hydration and practice sun safety as much as you possibly can. We started pool days at a very young age and our daughter has gone into the toddler stage and water so easily. I love everything about it and finding the right swimsuit has been all part of it! The baby stage is so much easier because it seems like anything fits! Then the running and swimming and crazy water days arrive with an active toddler and all of a sudden just…

  • Baby Pajamas Zippers

    Baby Pajamas – Comfort and Safety

    How I love baby pajamas! There is nothing like a freshly bathed baby and clean pajamas to make that heart just burst with love! By morning some of the magic of baby pajamas fades away. But you can’t tell me that there is not some magic in bedtime and a soft snuggled baby with snug little pajamas that makes you squeeze them just a little longer. The things I learned along the way are important and this is all by trial and error and experience. The good thing is that you can use infant pajamas for anything, they so often can double as a wear all day outfit. They are…

  • Sparkle Leggings Sparkle
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    Sparkle Leggings – My Review On A Favorite

    I don’t know if you are like me, but I always feel that a little sparkle added to a toddler outfit is always a good idea! My 2 year old daughter informed me a while back that princesses love sparkle. Well, yes I do agree with that! Sometimes you can actually have too much sparkle though! Or maybe not! These sparkle leggings are truly that perfect amount to add to an outfit and make them great for any occasion you want to go to. We wear them to church, we wear them to play dates, we wear them at home, to the grocery store, to grandmas. I could go on…

  • Clothesline Newborn Girl Clothes

    Newborn Girl Clothes – Practical But Fun

    The one thing my husband said to me when I was first pregnant was if it is a girl I will probably go broke. We laughed and laughed because we both knew how I love to shop! Then we went for that ultrasound and it was a girl! We were so excited. A healthy baby girl to love and shop for. But that thought was nagging in my head about what he said and it was a new and fun way to shop and not break the bank. The options are truly endless with newborn girl clothes and I am not exaggerating and me being a new mom had NO…