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    Cute Baby Girl Clothes – Tips and Tricks for Petites

    Cute baby girl clothes can be hard to find if you have a petite! So many things are way to big in the waist. Dresses are way to wide and cute little shoulders peek through big necklines. I have spent a lot of time figuring out what works and what does not for my little petite. So I want to share with you what works and how you can have cute well fitting clothes for that little princess of yours! I like to hear from other Moms what has worked for them. I wish I had had someone that gave me ideas to try when I was searching and buying…

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    Dress Up Clothes for Little Girls – Making Dress Up Fun

    I have a little girl that lives for dress up. The first thing she says in the morning is what dress am I wearing today? So I have found dress up clothes for little girls from Sunday best to Princess to fairies.  Hair bows to socks. I have found with a petite little girl it really comes to fun accessories with all the flounce! Who knew all it took was a little (or a LOT) of sparkle, a vivid imagination? It was easier than I thought! I love every part of it and maybe that is why I have spent so much time on this. I try to focus on…