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    Freshly Picked – Reviewing A Baby Shoe Staple

    I love a good baby shoe and I sure love a good baby moccasin! This moccasin has the best of both worlds, going from casual to dressy in a snap! The best part is that they are so super comfortable, easy to put on and last till the next growth spurt! You do not need any other kind of shoe! They work with socks and without socks as they are made from the softest vegan leather so no blisters or wear on that gorgeous skin! We have worn moccasins through thick and thin and they are warm enough for winter but cool enough for summer. Winter time requires socks, but…

  • Toddler Pajamas Target
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    Toddler Pajamas – Reviewing My Favorites

    Let’s talk a bit about toddler pajamas. There are options. When I say options, like a LOT! I love them all but have found a favorite that I want to expound on! Keep in mind that I do have a toddler that is rather on the petite side but is finally growing like a weed. These pajamas have worked through all the growing so really the tips work for any size! Snug fit is important no matter the size of your little one. It is important for chunky or more petite sizes. Find the one that fits for your child because safety is important if you are wearing 100% Cotton…

  • Sparkle Leggings Sparkle
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    Sparkle Leggings – My Review On A Favorite

    I don’t know if you are like me, but I always feel that a little sparkle added to a toddler outfit is always a good idea! My 2 year old daughter informed me a while back that princesses love sparkle. Well, yes I do agree with that! Sometimes you can actually have too much sparkle though! Or maybe not! These sparkle leggings are truly that perfect amount to add to an outfit and make them great for any occasion you want to go to. We wear them to church, we wear them to play dates, we wear them at home, to the grocery store, to grandmas. I could go on…