• Airplane Toys For Toddlers
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    Airplane Toys for Toddlers – Parenting Without Technology

    We love to travel and as many times I say that I think, do we really love it? First child and it was some kind of learning curve. She did not properly sleep till she was 2 so any trip meant even less sleep and I would almost dread it long before we left. Everyone talks about how terrible air travel is with toddlers and I say it is a whole lot better than driving 16 hours with them strapped in a car seat going completely crazy no matter what you give them! You can actually have some sort of movement in a plane. Its so much better when they…

  • Healthy On The Go Snacks For Kids
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    Healthy On The Go Snacks For Kids

    We are on the go a lot. So healthy on the go snacks for kids was a must! Our closest town is 45 min away so we spend a lot of time in our car! My husband farms and a lot of afternoons are spent in tractors and trucks and we have found snacks to be an absolute must when it comes to children! No hangry children if you are willing to plan just a bit and have some handy! On The Go So as handy dandy as prepackaged snacks are I try to avoid them! You can buy them in bulk for a lot cheaper and package them yourself…