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Cute Baby Girl Clothes – Tips and Tricks for Petites

Cute baby girl clothes can be hard to find if you have a petite! So many things are way to big in the waist. Dresses are way to wide and cute little shoulders peek through big necklines. I have spent a lot of time figuring out what works and what does not for my little petite. So I want to share with you what works and how you can have cute well fitting clothes for that little princess of yours!

I like to hear from other Moms what has worked for them. I wish I had had someone that gave me ideas to try when I was searching and buying and returning. A lot of time wasted. If I had only known what styles to look for! It would not have been such a guessing game! Here are a few things I have learned along the way. I hope it helps you!


O, the world of dresses! I would wander the aisles when I was pregnant and would sigh in awe and wonder at all the cute baby girl clothes. But it was always those darling dresses always that caught me eye! Then I had a petite little one and dresses didn’t always fit. Especially the baby doll style with gathers in the waist. Dress Cute Baby Girl PetiteIf I waited till they fit in the bodice then they would be super short and I often wore them on her as a tunic more than a dress. Which is great to but if you want that sweet true dress look than that is not a plan. I found out soon that the straight style fit so much better! No waist and more of a t shirt fit. T-shirt necklines run on the small side which is perfect then the necklines fit so much better! I have found that if the neckline fits then the rest of the dress goes does not have to fit and it can run a bit big and drape a bit.

There brands that I have found that have smaller necklines than others. So with much trial and error. I figured out which ones worked and which ones ran big. It is hard to tell when you look online and that is why it is important to know how certain styles fit! You can easily tell if it is a t shirt style or if it is a straight fit.


Leggings are everywhere! Every pattern and color! I love them and they are so handy when a dress is a bit to short. If you have a petite, consider ordering quite a bit smaller than your child’s actual age. It is better Leggings Cute Baby Girl Clothesto have them more of a 7/8 length and fit. Otherwise, they do not fit in the waist and are forever riding up or falling down. I remember buying short pants and my daughter wearing 3-6 month shorts at 18 months old otherwise they just fell off! Leggings also grow with your child so well. If you have a petite, because they do not grow so wide and so fast in the waist, all those winter leggings can become 7/8 length or capri length in summer! Great for a budget! Again, brands make all the difference so often! Wider elastic at the top on leggings always help to.


Shoes were a struggle from day one! Most baby shoes are made for chubby little feet! Plus they get kicked Childrens Clothes Belle Petitesoff in seconds under that blanket. I found that putting socks on with little grippers helped a lot. Also, any type of strap over the top of the foot also kept them locked on for a little longer. I did find amazing barefoot shoes for summer tho and those seemed to fit and stay on! Elastic by the heel is wonderful because they could be a bit wide but still stay on.  Look for as narrow a fit as possible.  There are still a lot of shoes out there that still work!

Outfit Sets

The amount of outfit sets I got as gifts was amazing. They were gorgeous! I loved that everything went together and matched. But I very quickly ran into problems. The dress or shirt would fit but then the leggings would be huge! Then I would not have leggings to go with the dress or shirt and by the time the leggings fit, the dress or shirt would be too small. It was a circle. It got pretty expensive because I had to find some sort of bottoms for the dresses or shirts and often so many were hard to find a perfect match. The one color that goes with almost everything is jean leggings! So I learned that as cute as the outfits were, I really had to buy separates and spend a little more time matching an outfit.


I love everything about cute baby girl clothes and want to help you get that baby girl looking gorgeous! My daughter has been so much fun. But it sometimes seems that there were so few options for cute baby girl clothes for a small little one! Once I figured out what worked and what to look for it became easy and took so much of the guessing out! It also helped me so much with shopping online. I want this to be informative and helpful.

I keep learning as she grows to. But most of these things do not change as she grows. That is if your little one keeps on the small scale of things! It is easier once they hit the 2T stage. The 0-18 month stage was the hardest ages to find anything to fit. Or maybe it was because I was still learning!

I hope this helps you find those cute baby girl clothes and also give you ideas on how to work with petite little ones! It has been fun and I think there is always a way to find just the right clothes when you know what you want and what you are looking for! Here is to finding just the right clothes!








  • Liliana Duarte

    Hi there, this is a great website a have a couple nieces and they are so petite that is very difficult to buy clothes for them! Its really good this tips i will use them when buying clothes at Christmas!!! Love this site!

  • Justin

    This is a great website for tips on dressing the petite, I know first hand how this all plays out since my two nieces are petite. A lot of great info here and ill be using this info very soon since their birthdays are coming up.
    Thank you so much

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