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Dress Up Clothes for Little Girls – Making Dress Up Fun

I have a little girl that lives for dress up. The first thing she says in the morning is what dress am I wearing today? So I have found dress up clothes for little girls from Sunday best to Princess to fairies.  Hair bows to socks. I have found with a petite little girl it really comes to fun accessories with all the flounce! Who knew all it took was a little (or a LOT) of sparkle, a vivid imagination? It was easier than I thought!

I love every part of it and maybe that is why I have spent so much time on this. I try to focus on things she loves. Things that make her giggle or gasp with delight when she looks in the mirror. Comfort is key for happiness for anyone!

It is also manageable on a budget! Most of the ideas here won’t break your bank account. A lot of the stuff comes in many shades and more than one in a package. A few creative ideas and you are set!

Tutu Making Dress Up Fun

The World of Tutus

When I started looking for dress up clothes for little girls I wasn’t very overwhelmed with options and I was surprised that there was not more options! I found out very soon that I was going to have to make an effort to find that perfect princess look. A dear aunt sent a tutu for her first birthday and we fell way into the world of options with a tutu and they looked good with everything! How easy to throw it over a pair of tights or leggings and you have an instant ballerina, or fairy or a princess. And it fit!

Being the dear independent child that she is she could put it on herself at a very young age! A win for all!

They are very reasonably priced and go for every occasion. A tutu goes from Christmas pictures to school pick up in a minute and is always OK! It is dressy and casual all in one. How perfect is that?

The Options are Endless

Hairband Making Dress Up FunDress up clothes for little girls often ends up in the details! It is very amazing what happens when you put the perfect hair bow on a little girl. That feathery feeling of a silky hair bow floating in her hair is enough to make her dance! The endless possibilities! Favorite colors, patterns, big, small, sparkly, sequins. You name it and you can get it. They can pull together Christmas, Halloween, birthday, or any outfit in a snap! A giant bouncy hair bow can turn a grocery store trip around some days. It is that bouncy confidence that makes her bounce down those aisles!

Hat Power

There is some sort of magical power hidden in a hat. There is something that clicks when that hat is placed on their head. Pirates appear and cowgirls ride. Baseball players run and firemen fight fires. Paper hats are also pretty simple to make and customize to make whatever you want! Different colored paper or even patterned paper also makes it stand out!

Even party hats are so simple to make and also a great birthday party activity! There are amazing things out there that are so easy on a budget to! You can make paper tiaras! Add some gem stickers and you have a budget tiara.

Make It Your Own 

Stickers, pom poms, buttons and sparkle can be added to anything! Headband needs sparkle? No problem! Buttons Dress Up Clothes For Little GirlsIt is so, so easy to add what you want if you just take a minute. There are probably millions of options on this one. Need a bow on a sock? Needle and thread or even fabric glue and you have custom socks to match that perfect dress! Fabric flowers added to a simple shirt can take it from dressy to casual in a flash. Lace can even be glued on to almost all fabric. The best part is that it can be washed! We all know that is key in motherhood! It is important to be able to have tea party crumbs and picnic dirt that can be washed off those pretty clothes!

I realized quickly that it was not as much work as you think it is! Put out a garbage bag on the table to collect all the glitter and extras and roll up that garbage bag and save it for later. We have a bin where I throw everything in. Maybe not so organized, but at least it is all in one place and can be quickly cleaned up!

My Wish for You

I don’t want dress up clothes for little girls to be overwhelming! It should be fun for Mom AND child. It also gives you the opportunity to help their imagination! Sometimes giving them the option to help with the decorating or giving them the option to pick one of the three flowers you pick out and having them see you bring something to life makes it so much fun and they actually want to wear it! I want to help Moms with making it simple but still look amazing because we all know that it is always a guessing game with them! I want to bring a variety of options that look feasible to tackle and also a lot of ideas in one place for you to try!

The imagination it helps them with has been eye-opening to me. Who knew a hair bow or hat or a tutu could bring her fairy world in her head to life! Interaction even between Mom and child has been fun. Five minutes with fabric glue or a thread sure beats screen time and gives your child a world to play in without buying expensive toys! With my daughter being petite and most dress up clothes not fitting properly, we have found so many options that fit all sizes really!

I love that so much of this grows with them. Soon they will be adding their own bows and customizing their own outfit!

I wish for you days of fun and laughter and picnics and parties.  







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