Easter Dresses for Toddlers – Morning Services to Afternoon Fun

Ah Easter, the awakening of Spring and all things summer! Easter always feels like the gateway to a new season. I love Easter and we always dress up. Church in the morning and then the big dinner and easter egg hunts in the afternoon followed by sugar fueled energy and probably no naps!

It is a good time to get started on the summer outfits as it is almost time for that again and the winter clothes just feel dark and tired by now! Put away the boots and pull out the slip on sneakers and sandals! Pull out the bright yellow and pinks and blues.

Easter Morning Dress

We love to dress up, and especially a little girl! Easter dresses for toddlers are cotton, Puff, bounce and spring all combined into one adorable outfit! Bows added, frilly socks or beautiful sandals. We do go to a service in the morning so I always make sure I have a shrug to match because Spring mornings can be chilly! Nothing winter in this outfit! I love a good dress and have had my stresses dressing a petite with all the gathers and big dress idea!

My daughter has always been on the small side and all those gathers seem to be on the big side, so we have to find a happy medium in it all! The tulle dresses are a wonderful fit. As long as the cotton dresses have a smaller neckline they usually fit. The gather idea tends to be a bit wide but like I said that can hang a bit if the shoulders are not falling out of the neckline!

I look for:

  • Light airy feeling fabric or Cotton
  • Bright colors or flowers
  • White assecories
  • Cute shoes
  • An amazing hair bow
  • Small necklines so petite shoulders do not pop through
  • Shrug to match in case the weather turns cold

I usually have the Easter morning dress specifically just for the morning because it is pretty hard to get dirt and grit off of the ruffles and pretty white everything!

The Easter Egg Hunt

This is when playful and fun and super comfortable come into the playground! I like a dress that can move and feels more like a play dress than just a church dress! A little tulle always goes a long way to. A cute shirt and skirt always work to. I have sewing machine and sometimes attach some tulle to a cute shirt and poof you have an instant Easter princess dress as my daughter would say if she sees anything with tulle involved!

I go with anything bright so I can see her as she hunts! Bright yellows, pinks, and I especially love the robin egg blue colors for Easter to! Fun hats and sunglasses are fun to add to the outfit to really make it a whole package look!


Practicality Wins

Easter dresses are about welcoming Spring to me. Therefore anything tulle, bouncy and fresh looking is totally Easter. I enjoy the dress up part and hope you do to. Even if you do not go to services or do not do easter egg hunts. These dresses are totally for Spring and Summer as well. We do dress up and go to services every Sunday so I like this as a start to my summer dress up wardrobe for my daughter and myself also!

The options for dresses at Easter time are extensive. Dresses are literally in season! the prelude before the heat of summer hits and we live in swimsuits and eat ice cream. I live in a super warm place though and amazingly dresses are almost the coolest and lightest option! Especially Cotton! Enjoy this season with your precious girl and remember that there is no such thing as to many ruffles!

Cheers to everything Easter and Spring!



  • Ivan Brozincevic

    I had to stop and leave a comment. I like your website and your ideas. Girls and moms are loving this! I was never in an Easter Egg hunt, but it looks like a blast as I remember seeing some videos. I will do it as soon as possible, not all nicely dressed up in colorful dresses haha. But I will participate one day! All the best, Ivan

  • carol

    I remember when my kids were younger, they usually look forward to Easter morning. They would dress in their best floral with lots of frills. Little girls are ever so cute in those dresses. My kids still look forward to Easter morning, but they now go for those solid colors.

    • Carla

      Thanks for taking the time to reply! I still see a lot of floral and frills these days but everyone has their style! I am a Mama and look forward to Easter Morning as much as the kids do!

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