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Freshly Picked – Reviewing A Baby Shoe Staple

I love a good baby shoe and I sure love a good baby moccasin! This moccasin has the best of both worlds, going from casual to dressy in a snap! The best part is that they are so super comfortable, easy to put on and last till the next growth spurt! You do not need any other kind of shoe! They work with socks and without socks as they are made from the softest vegan leather so no blisters or wear on that gorgeous skin!

We have worn moccasins through thick and thin and they are warm enough for winter but cool enough for summer. Winter time requires socks, but is completely wind protected so they are warm. They will get wet so that is the only thing to watch out for when you have a walker outside on the loose!

Originally made for chubby feet, these work for any feet. My daughter is super petite with narrow small feet and with the elastic they never fell off and were not to big for when she started walking.

Made by a Mom who understands what we truly need! We all know Mom to Mom is the best because we know what we need when it comes to comfort, style, but we all want a little creativity to! These have it all.


Where to buy: AmazonFreshly Picked Baby Staple

Price: $60.00

Pros: Comfort + Style

Cons: Price Point

Personal Rating: 10 out of 10 stars



Lets talk about the price point. $60 dollars is quite a bit when it comes to baby shoes. But Freshly Picked has a reason for this! They are wear tested and Mom approved.

They protect those little feet from hard surfaces. They will grow with them. The soft leather is much more forgiving than a hard sole and the elastic at the heel keeps them from slipping off!

They are especially wonderful for new walkers! Soles or any type of heel make it so difficult for that new balancing act and these are as light as air. Providing them with freedom as if they were barefoot! Feeling barefoot and having a loose, lightweight shoe gives their toes freedom for being able to grip and balance.

The soft soles let their feet grow unrestricted. The Average child does not need any type of heel or wedge or arch to support their feet as per the American Association of Pediatrics.

Comfort and  Style

Top quality vegan leather makes them only get better with time! These have not even gotten hardly scuffed, thus always looking good and no one will know if you stopped by the playground before you get to the event! The dust falls off. Mud is a different story! Crawlers tend to really wear out the toe part and these remain looking fine and cute as ever!Freshly Picked Perfected

They have so many styles and options and colors! So many practical colors that can go with any outfit. $60 for a wear all day, any day shoe is actually completely worth the money! Baby shoes can get pretty expensive! Especially walking ones. So many shoes have soles and are pretty rigid when it comes to walking.

Imagine feeling barefoot but still having those little feet protected! My daughter could walk and run unhindered. Anyone that has the pre-walking to walking stage knows how much movement there can be. My daughter runs laps around me and always has. I always say comfort is key at our house. If I had to run all day I want the right shoes! That is what made me want to try these. When you can get all the right things in one product, how can you say no?

Worth the Investment

Sometimes when I end up spending the money on something, I am disappointed. Other times, like with Freshly Picked, I am so happy I went with quality! I have tried other brands and kinds but Freshly Picked always comes out a winner!Freshly Picked Baby Staple

The best part is that yes, you spent the money but honestly you do not need 5 pairs of shoes. With the options available you can always find one to fit your lifestyle and style! They last and only get better with age as far as comfort. If you truly need a perfect shoe then stop now and get a pair and you will understand why these are so wonderful! I love hearing from other Moms that have tried the products I love so much! Drop me a line and tell me about your experience with Freshly Picked.

Cheers to comfort with a lot of style!


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