Healthy On The Go Snacks For Kids
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Healthy On The Go Snacks For Kids

We are on the go a lot. So healthy on the go snacks for kids was a must! Our closest town is 45 min away so we spend a lot of time in our car! My husband farms and a lot of afternoons are spent in tractors and trucks and we have found snacks to be an absolute must when it comes to children! No hangry children if you are willing to plan just a bit and have some handy!

On The Go

So as handy dandy as prepackaged snacks are I try to avoid them! You can buy them in bulk for a lot cheaper and package them yourself and especially if you are trying to get away from single use plastics! All it takes is a little prep work as soon as you get home from town and you can have a variety ready and waiting for when you need them!  Beeswax wraps are a super environmentally friendly option to!  You can make a pocket any size you want with these.

I love, love the Munchkin snack catchers. No matter the age! It saves a lot of spilled crackers and cleanSnack Catchers up! Especially in the car seat. No one loves cleaning all those crumbs that somehow end up everywhere!  You can also get the stainless steel ones that come with a lid.  I prefer this one because the other one is not a screw on lid and is not a gaurantee if the lid stays on or not.

Also the take and toss containers! Except we do not toss them but re use them over and over and mine have survived many a dishwasher trip.

Bags are not as handy as they tend to squish crackers and again I try to avoid crumbs if I can as we have enough around! There are some amazing reusable food safe ones that you can throw in the dishwasher if you are trying to avoid single use plastics that work great and are easy to use.

Dry Snacks

I am blessed with a daughter that is not the pickiest eater. I have found though that the more variety I have the less she gets tired of one thing. Especially if I buy in bulk. The things we like the most and are easy clean up. You can often mix different combos together for lots of different varieties of snacks! Dark chocolate chips with dried fruit is yummy and also with pretzels or nuts.

  • Raisins, Dried Cranberies
  • Yogurt covered raisinsHealthy On The Go Snacks For Kids
  • Nuts when they are older ( mixed with raisins is a nice balanced carb, protein, fat ratio)
  • Apple slices ( can sit at room temperature for quite a while)
  • Pretzels
  • Trail Mix
  • Cheerios
  • Apple Sauce in reusable squeeze pouches
  • Dried Fruits
  • Fruit Leathers
  • Veggie Straws
  • Gold Fish Crackers
  • Granola Bites
  • Mini Dark Chocolate chips


Cold Snacks

If we go on a trip or if I know I will be gone all day I usually take a good quality small cooler or lunch box with a few snacks and frozen water bottles. The frozen water bottles do not leak and can be used as cold water for when the snacks are done and you do not need your ice pack!  Also great if you are nursing!

  • Cheese Sticks
  • Yogurt Tubes (freeze in summer for a good alternative to traditional ice pops) also good for teething babies!
  • Carrots, celery, apples
  • Dill Pickles (weird but somehow loved?) Super good for teethers!
  • Yogurt Smoothies
  • Tortilla roll ups with some deli meat and cheese in them.

Drink CupsHealthy On The Go Snacks For Kids Sipsters

O the sippy cups we have gone through! So many kinds and so many experiments and frustration at them not being truly spill proof. We do not drink a lot of juice but I do like to take milk along and there is nothing worse than milk spilled in a car seat. You will smell it for weeks if you live in a warm climate like me! I have certain ones that I definitely like more than others.

Milk is the tricky one. I like the Sipsters Playtex brand that transitions from sippy cup to a straw cup. But I have found if it drops when it is in the sippy cup stage you have to open it and re-insert the sippy cup Healthy On The Go Snacks For Kids Hydraflaskpart. A pain but I do like it otherwise. Seems smart to transition and not spend money on all the stages.

The Munchkin 360 insulated cup is great for the cup feel to it and keeps it cold for a long time. It does not have handles though and that is sometimes nice when you are on the go and hanging onto a lot of stuff and is also easier for your toddler to hang onto.

As your kids get older the Hydra Flask is an amazing option and says it is not spill proof but I have yet to have one leak. I do not put milk in it though. It is BPA free. Double walled vacuum keeps it insulated for 24 hours! That is a long time and I love it for when our super hot weather hits in about May! I like it for myself to and the kids one is a good size that I even like it for keeping in my purse! I do try to keep it up right, but honestly often find it laying down and not a leak yet?

For water I sometimes add a few frozen strawberries or blueberries or even an orange slice instead of juice! Not as good though if it sits for a long time unless it is cold.Healthy On The Go Snacks For Kids Sippy Cups

I rarely give daughter ice-cold water so we usually do not use an insulated cup for water. I do carry a thermos of cold water though sometimes if we will be out for the whole day! I can refill sippy cups and not spend money on buying water.  The Munchkin 360 hands down has been our favorite from baby to Toddler!

On The Go Moms

At first I stressed with all the snacks I had to haul around as we are often gone for portions of the day but honestly different things work for everyone! I found that variety was my best friend! Especially when we traveled on trips or were gone in the tractor all day. A few different kinds and you do not have to bring huge amounts!

We try to live as healthy as we can and I do not put candy in as snacks. They are not long-lasting but sometimes they are used for a bribe every now and then or as prizes when it came to potty training. Candy will not last long and if you are like me I like snacks to stick and last for a bit and not constantly be eating all the time. Although it seems like snack time rolls around so often!  Mini dark chocolate chips as the exception because they do not have as much sugar!

These are a few of the things that have helped me and I hope gives you some new ideas for those trips, playground days, zoo trips or just being at home! I find being prepared saves a lot of the stress and trying to find a snack with a grumpy child.  I like catching it way before that!

Cheers to Moms!



  • Dalibor

    I love the idea of natural snacks over bought ones. And I support it. Soon as kids get comfortable with more natural food, better will it be for them. Dark chocolate is an excellent option!

    What do you suggest for a shorter trip? What kind of food?

    • Carla

      Thanks for stopping by! I like doing some kind of fruit for the short hauls. Apple slices are such easy clean up and not as juicy or messy as bananas or oranges. Grabbing a frozen yogurt tube as you run out the door is also super simple and long lasting with the protein! It can double as breakfast some days! Dried fruit is also something that keeps in my purse, does not turn to crumbs and lasts a long time if it does not get used!

  • Bea

    Any day anytime, I would always buy snacks in bulk. I don’t believe in excessive packaging. Reusable bowls and cups are great too! As a family, we always take our reusable bottles with us whenever we’re going out; be it a short trip or long trip; this way we are not forced to buy single use plastic water bottles when we’re thirsty.
    When you buy snacks in bulk you’re not limited to a particular type of snack. You can buy different types in little quantities and still pay less. I couldn’t agree more that buying in bulk is also cheaper. Thanks for such an educative and interesting post.

    • Carla

      So glad to hear you like reusable packaging! It seems to be so easy but it really takes just a little planning and some good habits. I always figure if I make it normal at our house she will see that and I hope, make it her normal to. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Jen

    This is a great post for moms. I’m always looking for ideas for traveling snacks for my son. I usually walk with an applesauce pack and a bowl of Gerber Crunchies or yogurt melts, but as he is growing i’m trying to expand his pallet and I’m sure he gets bored eating the same things.
    I love the idea of giving him healthier snacks. I haven’t tried nuts yet because he is still small, but i know he will like dark chocolate chips and sunflower seeds. (he he, my favorite).
    I have to look into getting him a snack bowl because his snacks are always everywhere, but as for the cups, I use the Munchkin 360 and it works wonders. My favorite cup for him.
    Thanks so much for sharing this info it’s a huge help with the kiddo.

    • Carla

      Yes do try the snack bowl! It is life changing and they figure it out so fast even quite young! I always try have snacks around that we can all eat. We all know sometimes Mama needs a boost of energy to! I like a variety so I figure she does to. Cheers to happy Mamas and happy babies!

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