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Newborn Girl Clothes – Practical But Fun

The one thing my husband said to me when I was first pregnant was if it is a girl I will probably go broke. We laughed and laughed because we both knew how I love to shop! Then we went for that ultrasound and it was a girl! We were so excited. A healthy baby girl to love and shop for. But that thought was nagging in my head about what he said and it was a new and fun way to shop and not break the bank.

The options are truly endless with newborn girl clothes and I am not exaggerating and me being a new mom had NO idea where to even start and stop!

Here is a few things I learned along the way. I had a very small baby who wore preemie and newborn clothes for a very long time. Really though, all this does not matter what size that bundle of deliciousness is.

Clothesline Newborn Girl ClothesDresses

The thing with dresses and newborns is that they truly are a pain when they are so little but they are so, so, so cute! You don’t really need 5 of them. See how I said need not want? I had one or two for church or just for fun dressing up. Newborns and pretty clothes are quite a combination and remember that you go through about 3 outfits a day. Blow outs and spit up are a real thing! As they get older the dresses are easier to work with.

I also felt it was important to dress my baby comfortably so I looked for soft lace or soft fabric of some kind. Their skin is so smooth and wonderful that if felt like a shame to scratch it with lace or threads!

One Piece

Your new best friend when it comes to newborn girl clothes! They are truly amazing and you can also find the cutest ones! They are also super girly and if you look around a bit. Tea Collection has beautiful ones usually. Etsy also has super cute ones that are all ruffly and lacey and just darling. Cute and practical with a newborn? Yes Please! Changing diapers in these are a snap! Literally. I had a Jessica Simpson brand one piece and she had the creativity to make sure the middle snap was a different color than the rest. Now that is just genius.


I was blessed with a baby that did not spit up just a whole lot but boy, did we have blowouts. I cringed Onesie Newborn Baby Girl Clothesevery time because those beautiful clothes were the victim in it all. Then one dear Mom told me to buy the simple white or colored onesies and put those on first and the outfit after and this truly saves SO many clothes! I often just had to change the onesie instead of the whole outfit this way! I had a big supply of those things and there were super cute spaghetti strap ones for little girls that didn’t peek out of her clothes. And were nice for summer and all the sleeveless dresses and shirts. Best cheap investment ever!

It is also nice because newborns tend to run a little cold. I was always told to add one more layer than you are wearing and then they are just the right temperature.

Also, on some little dresses there can be scratchy lace or tags or buttons or even a little thread that can get to their smooth sensitive baby skin. The onesie underneath helps a lot to keep that barrier between them.


Sleepers have come a long way in the cuteness department and really are another outfit sometimes! I loved the snug fit ones. But get the ones with zippers! Bleary eyed, dark diaper changing is no joke at night. The less light at night the better for starting good sleep habits. Trust me you do not want to be fumbling round trying to snap that sleeper together. Just remember to put a finger under the zipper when you zip it up so you don’t zip that tender skin. Husbands appreciate zippers to!

Booties Newborn Girl ClothesMom to Mom

I love hearing what works for other Moms and Dads and I hope I have helped you wade through the many options just a bit! Hopefully there are some tricks and tips here for you. I love my baby girl and though it is a joy to dress her we all know that there is more to it. Blow outs, spit up, and milk everywhere is just real life!




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