Sidewalk Chaulk OUtdoor Toddler Activities

Outdoor Toddler Activities


We love the great outdoors! We do live on a farm and we enjoy room to run and play. We have dogs and cats and my daughter loves it all. No day is too cold and no day to hot. So Mama better keep up! There are endless free options and there are also budget ideas to. Fresh air is so good for that little mind! It also makes them sleep like a rock. Yay for everyone!

Our beautiful Earth was created with the best playground imaginable! Enjoy it. Life is simple in a toddlers mind and outdoor toddler activities are wonderful for Mom and child. Don’t over complicate it and let them explore! A little dirt usually can’t harm them to much.

Free Fun

I sometimes wish I could just spend a minute in my toddlers mind. Outdoor toddler activities sometimes gives me a tiny glimpse. She notices the tiniest things and is so impressed by them! I sometimes wish I could notice all the little things she does.Clouds Free Fun

Taking this, it is easier than you think to spend an hour outside without hardly knowing that hour is past! Make a list of things to look for. Simpler is better! A rock, a leaf, a cloud, and from there you can run with what you see! A shiny rock or sparkly. A big cloud, a little one. Also teaching a lot of things like big and small, hot and cold. Observance is such a wonderful tool for when they grow up! Sadly, they do grow up but how fun to give them fun tools to start with! It is simple!

Picnics! Take food outside. We often sit on our front door steps and eat breakfast or lunch. Spill a drink? No problem! Crumbs everywhere? That is perfectly OK, you don’t have to touch a broom. The birds were probably hungry anyway. Who knew a toddler could be so entertained with food and a bit of fresh air?

Parks and Playgrounds

We all love a free park! Outdoor toddler activities do not have to cost money. Yes it does take a bit of effort. For some to walk there, for others the whole wrangle, wrestle, dawdle dance that goes into getting in a car. Don’t forget snacks and drinks! But if you just take the time, it is going to be the easiest activity to do with Baseball Free Funyour child! Usually a playground. I had a child that was completely freaked of any kind of slide, even the teeny tiny baby ones. She was perfectly content and entertained to watch the other children run and slide around. Still entertained and still in fresh air! Room to run to! Especially if you live in the city. Also Mama gets a good workout without hitting the gym. I think that is a good win!

Some parks have free splash pads in summer. Do your research in your area. Trust me if you are willing to deal with wet swimsuits and towels, you will never regret that hour of fun. Not the most fun for Mom but I try to usually join in.

Parks are great for sports to.  Often you do not need the room of a whole baseball or soccer field for a toddler to start learning in!

Sidewalk Chalk

It is so cheap but a powerful little tool! The best part? It washes off and won’t be there forever like the Sidewalk Chaulk OUtdoor Toddler Activitiesmarker on my nice, white, leather dining chairs. It washes off clothes to! You can write notes to Dad for when he steps out of his car. Or Grandma when she swings by. Or in on our case the dear UPS guy that shows up frequently. You don’t have to be artistic. Dots and lines and squares and triangles are art to! Good for teaching them shapes. Most parks are OK with it to, so if you don’t have cement at home go to a park. Make it a game. Make boxes to hop on.

Dress For the Occasion

We believe in investing in outdoor clothes at our place! Fresh air is so healthy and boosts the immune system that we have made it a priority! Try dressing a petite little girl. By the time you get all those clothes on her, she is about to topple over! We do not have bitterly cold winters. It freezes but not deep freeze. Insulated rubber boots are amazing and such less bulky for little feet than the normal winter boot. Put a pair of warm socks on and we never had a problem. No wet feet either and come Spring just take the Snow Dress For The Occasioninsulated part out and you have spring boots!

Jackets are made to layer. A long sleeved shirt and a good hoodie underneath a jacket are great for layering!

Mittens are almost a joke to keep on but we found some with a drawstring that we can tighten up over the sleeve of the jacket and they stay for a good minute! Look for jackets with longer sleeve so that their hands can be covered by them. My daughters hands are almost warmer like that than with mittens? But that is probably because mittens fall off so much!

Summer is so wonderful with no layers upon layers to deal with. Somehow I ended up potty training in winter. Trust me next time it is happening in summer! Remember the sun is hard on their beautiful skin. Wear hats, sunglasses, Sunscreen whatever it takes. Mornings and evenings the sun is not as strong and is an ideal time to go out.

Remember to get them to drink to. They burn a lot of energy outside to. Snacks are almost a must. But I love a good picnic anyways and I don’t have to sweep the floor after. Yay!

Have Fun

By the time you have wrangled and wrestled a toddler and brought snack and a drink I sometimes wonder why we ever even started. Sometimes the park is only a 10-minute stop but outdoor toddler activities can be fun for Mom to if you just keep an open mind. The day does not always turn out how you expected. Sometimes you have to coax and convince and sometimes they are independent and you get that hot minute to just relax.

Flowers Outdoor Toddler ActivitiesBring a coffee and try to enjoy the sunshine with them. They are also completely awestruck by rain. You don’t have to run in it but you can sure do that if you want to! Open the door and listen and watch it. Take a few deep breaths of the fresh air. I have found outdoor toddler activities sometimes almost to be better for Mom than child! No laundry out there and no dirty dishes in the sink staring at you every time you walk by. Stop to smell the flowers with them and truly revel in the wonderful creation we live in!

Wishing you sunny days!







  • Joyce

    Hi Carla,

    Awesome article! It is true that outside activities are free fun for both the toddlers and the parent; not just fun but as well as educational. Toddlers start to learn new things by discovering them and there are lots to discover outside.
    I also love the idea of the Sidewalk Chalk. That is interesting and one new activity that I and my child can do outside.
    Thanks for the article.

    • Carla

      Thanks for taking the time to read the article! I did not realize all the fun we could have with sidewalk chalk till I watched my daughter play with it one day. The possibilities really are endless! Lots of games you can play to. Have Fun!

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