• Toddler Pajamas Target
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    Toddler Pajamas – Reviewing My Favorites

    Let’s talk a bit about toddler pajamas. There are options. When I say options, like a LOT! I love them all but have found a favorite that I want to expound on! Keep in mind that I do have a toddler that is rather on the petite side but is finally growing like a weed. These pajamas have worked through all the growing so really the tips work for any size! Snug fit is important no matter the size of your little one. It is important for chunky or more petite sizes. Find the one that fits for your child because safety is important if you are wearing 100% Cotton…

  • Baby Pajamas Zippers

    Baby Pajamas – Comfort and Safety

    How I love baby pajamas! There is nothing like a freshly bathed baby and clean pajamas to make that heart just burst with love! By morning some of the magic of baby pajamas fades away. But you can’t tell me that there is not some magic in bedtime and a soft snuggled baby with snug little pajamas that makes you squeeze them just a little longer. The things I learned along the way are important and this is all by trial and error and experience. The good thing is that you can use infant pajamas for anything, they so often can double as a wear all day outfit. They are…

  • Sparkle Leggings Sparkle
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    Sparkle Leggings – My Review On A Favorite

    I don’t know if you are like me, but I always feel that a little sparkle added to a toddler outfit is always a good idea! My 2 year old daughter informed me a while back that princesses love sparkle. Well, yes I do agree with that! Sometimes you can actually have too much sparkle though! Or maybe not! These sparkle leggings are truly that perfect amount to add to an outfit and make them great for any occasion you want to go to. We wear them to church, we wear them to play dates, we wear them at home, to the grocery store, to grandmas. I could go on…

  • Toddler Panties

    Toddler Panties – Wading Through The Options

    Keep in mind through all this is that I have a super petite 2.5 year old. A lot of this information is for any size and age though! We had talked just a bit about potty training and I was completely not planning on trying it any time soon. Like not at all. Not till she was good and ready because of all the horror stories I have read and heard! She came up to me on day and said, “Mom, today I am going to wear panties.” I must have had the most blank expression on my face because she repeated herself. And again. Well I was not about…

  • Leggings Cute Baby Girl Clothes

    Toddler Girl Leggings – A Must Have

    If I could pick one thing that was almost the most important thing in my daughters wardrobe, that would be leggings. They go with everything! They can dress up in a snap but are still OK to wear to the playground. They are a staple for any wardrobe if it is dressy or casual. The options of color and patterns are amazing. In other words you can usually find what you want! Practical Classics So when it comes to leggings I tend to the practical with a few fun ones thrown in. The ones that are practical and go with everything. Navy, It really goes with almost everything! Different brands…

  • Closet Toddler Girl Clothes

    Toddler Girl Clothes – The Essentials

    Where to begin? I have a very opinionated 2 year old when it comes to clothes. We have gone through the phase where every dress had to twirl. Now we are going through the phase of cozy. And then there is the stage of refusing pants. Toddler girl clothes are not for the faint of heart and they will probably always keep you guessing! She does like a variety and I try to give her a bit. I mean I love my comfy clothes to but sometimes I like a bit of variety. Long sleeves vs short sleeves. Pink, not green. You get it. I think above all it is…

  • Sidewalk Chaulk OUtdoor Toddler Activities

    Outdoor Toddler Activities

      We love the great outdoors! We do live on a farm and we enjoy room to run and play. We have dogs and cats and my daughter loves it all. No day is too cold and no day to hot. So Mama better keep up! There are endless free options and there are also budget ideas to. Fresh air is so good for that little mind! It also makes them sleep like a rock. Yay for everyone! Our beautiful Earth was created with the best playground imaginable! Enjoy it. Life is simple in a toddlers mind and outdoor toddler activities are wonderful for Mom and child. Don’t over complicate…

  • Clothesline Newborn Girl Clothes

    Newborn Girl Clothes – Practical But Fun

    The one thing my husband said to me when I was first pregnant was if it is a girl I will probably go broke. We laughed and laughed because we both knew how I love to shop! Then we went for that ultrasound and it was a girl! We were so excited. A healthy baby girl to love and shop for. But that thought was nagging in my head about what he said and it was a new and fun way to shop and not break the bank. The options are truly endless with newborn girl clothes and I am not exaggerating and me being a new mom had NO…

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    Cute Baby Girl Clothes – Tips and Tricks for Petites

    Cute baby girl clothes can be hard to find if you have a petite! So many things are way to big in the waist. Dresses are way to wide and cute little shoulders peek through big necklines. I have spent a lot of time figuring out what works and what does not for my little petite. So I want to share with you what works and how you can have cute well fitting clothes for that little princess of yours! I like to hear from other Moms what has worked for them. I wish I had had someone that gave me ideas to try when I was searching and buying…

  • Hairband Making Dress Up Fun
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    Dress Up Clothes for Little Girls – Making Dress Up Fun

    I have a little girl that lives for dress up. The first thing she says in the morning is what dress am I wearing today? So I have found dress up clothes for little girls from Sunday best to Princess to fairies.  Hair bows to socks. I have found with a petite little girl it really comes to fun accessories with all the flounce! Who knew all it took was a little (or a LOT) of sparkle, a vivid imagination? It was easier than I thought! I love every part of it and maybe that is why I have spent so much time on this. I try to focus on…