Skinny Jeans For Girls
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Skinny Jeans for Girls – Best Fit For Petites

Jeans. Wonderful and yet complicated! I have a petite daughter who is mostly a complete princess. The thing is we live on a farm and jeans are a must when it comes to working outside and so much safer! Leggings are good but leggings and mud are not quite as good of a pair. Nothing keeps mud off quite like jeans. They are also warm and we throw on wind breaking pants and you have warm enough spring pants to go splash in the puddles. We have to be pretty practical around here.

They are truly so versatile and go with anything. From farm girl to princess in a hurry. Yes a tutu can fix everything! The reason I like skinny jeans is that they seem to roll with the occasion. They look good with a tutu even! there is not as much fabric and when you have a petite girl, the less bulk the better! You don’t have to worry about what color goes and which shoes.

The best part of jeans for outdoor playing is that they create a little barrier for those tender knees. Wipeouts at the playground or outside are a little less painful! Built in knee pads for little scrapes and bruises.

I wanted to find something I did not always have to guess with. Ones that could grow with her from baby to toddler to girl and when she needed the next size I could find it in the same skinny jean! Why get something different when you have one that has worked and served you so well?

Finding The Perfect Brand

I went through such a dilemma with skinny jeans for girls! So many were so uncomfortable and were not mover friendly at all. Quite stiff to be honest and when you are a little one learning to walk or bouncing around the play area, you need movement. No question about that! So I went on a hunt and found what I think to be the best brand for jeans in general whether it is baby or toddler or girls! They fit almost and moved like a legging but have all that jeans have to offer.

I also wanted them long enough, just because you are petite and small does not mean the legs are not going to be long!

So the things I went out in search for and found were:

  1. Some stretch = movement
  2. Small fit at the top
  3. Skinny jeans for less fabric
  4. Soft and comfortable
  5. Playground, Farm Friendly

Cat & Jack ticked off all the boxes and more! They truly were perfect and they had them in little sizes to big sizes so no guessing when I needed the next one. I knew where to find them!

They have lots of cute colors and washes to make them fun. No matter the wash though they are still practical and go with everything and serve the purpose we need them for us. I tend to go with a darker wash as we live with dirt and dust and mud on a daily basis! My washer already works hard and scrubbing is real so I tend to go pretty practical!

The Right Fabric

So I wanted soft, not to stiff, and overall just comfortable feeling jeans. I figured out that you absolutely have to have a little spandex in the fabric, otherwise there was a lot less movement. It also seems to make the fabric a lot softer.

Then there is the band, you want it comfortable and tight enough but it still has to be comfortable! Did Skinny Jeans For Girls Comfortyou know who someone very amazing figured out how to make jeans smaller and larger in the waist with buttons and elastic? So simple and yet saved the day for me and my little girl who usually has jeans falling right off of her! It is close to impossible to get perfect jeans to fit her otherwise. So if they have this system I know they will fit! I was pretty worried about how they would fit after potty training and no diaper to hold them up, but they still work just fine. Cinch up the buttons in the waist and we are good to go!

I have also found the Cat & Jack brand of jeans to fit on the narrower side of jeans and usually with this brand even if they have an elastic band at the top they also fit, without the button and elastic movable waist. So many jeans are narrow at the top but then the legs are not long enough.

I have yet to have one pair get faded or look old. They wash and wear well and seem to look like the day I bought them! Always a win in my life! Washable, wearable, durable and they last!

We Love You Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans for girls are a wonderful thing and I hope you love them as much as I do. We usually use them mostly for work because my daughter is a true princess and everything must be twirly and glitter and fluff! But she does not mind the ones I have found now as they are so comfortable and I can always throw on a tutu to make it fluffy enough for her! Of course tops that are fit for a princess are always an option to! She might be a farm girl but she is a princess farm girl through and through! Dirt and grit with a little glitter thrown in!

I like hearing about what others find and what works for them and their little ones! Motherhood is the biggest learning game ever and it takes a village to work together! Drop me a line and tell me how you find the perfect skinny jeans for your little one or if you have ever tried these!

I hope this has helped you just a bit in your quest for the perfect skinny jeans for girls.

Cheers to the perfect jeans!


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