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Sparkle Leggings – My Review On A Favorite

I don’t know if you are like me, but I always feel that a little sparkle added to a toddler outfit is always a good idea! My 2 year old daughter informed me a while back that princesses love sparkle. Well, yes I do agree with that! Sometimes you can actually have too much sparkle though! Or maybe not!

These sparkle leggings are truly that perfect amount to add to an outfit and make them great for any occasion you want to go to. We wear them to church, we wear them to play dates, we wear them at home, to the grocery store, to grandmas. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea?

Dress seems a bit plain? Need a bit of something for that Christmas outfit? Add sparkle leggings. They are truly the perfect touch!

Sparkle Leggings


Where to find: Target

Pros: Not itchy, Sparkle does not wash off

Cons: Only 2 colors

Price: $5.00

Fit: Mid Rise, Slim Fit

My Rating: 10 out of 10

Laundry Tested and Approved

There is only 2 colors. Black and a creamy white. I so wish there was 10 more colors because they are about the perfect legging!

So many black leggings look worn after about 10 washes and we all know that with a toddler comes many washes! I have always had a pair of these in the closet for every size we go through and I have yet to have a pair look worn. That is so hard to find in a dark color! Navy and black can look so worn so fast. Not this one. Not even at the elastic at the top, which is where I always look for wear because it is the first place that will look worn and then the rest usually follows!

Comfort Wins

The blend of 95% Cotton with a 5% Spandex make this a super soft legging. Reinforced knees make it playground friendly and with just the right amount of stretch for twirling, jumping, and running like a crazy 2-Year old! I love comfort and practicality. That is the mix you want when you look at clothes for toddlers!

They are a slim fit, with a full elastic waistband. That stretch makes it fit any size really. An elastic waistband supports movement and size changes.

Sparkle and More Sparkle

This sparkle is not in the thread of fabric. When it is in the thread like that it will make them so itchy! These are almost like little glitter confetti look. I love it because it catches the light as they move and is not a solid glitter.Sparkle Leggings Sparkle


I hope this has helped you find the perfect legging that we love and use so much every day! It took me a bit to find leggings I truly loved and had all the right things I was looking for!

Pretty, practical, and toddler and Mom approved!










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