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Summer Dresses for Girls – Breezy, Cool, And Practical

Summer dresses for girls. We have a princess in the house and she always appreciates a good dress that makes her dance and twirl.Summer Dresses For Girls

I get visions of summer in my head when I think of summer dress shopping. To me that includes color and comfort and practicality. They have to be breezy, cool and can withstand the heat of summer. Fun dresses to twirl and play in. Ice cream parlor visits and zoo days. Trips to the playground and picnics for lunch. Fun dresses to enjoy the heat of summer and practical enough to be able to play in a sprinkler when you see one! Days of sidewalk chalk art and laying on the grass looking at the big fluffy clouds floating by.

Keep those things in your head as you dream of summer dresses and plan for fun!

Summer Dress Checklist

I love summer dresses for girls. They somehow bring sunshine and color everywhere they go! I always look for a few things:

  • Practicality. I prefer patterned fabric. We all know how much wear and tear summer does to dresses and any outfit! Popsicle drips and so does ice cream and not always in very forgiving colors! I try to get something that it does not show up instantly on.
    • Plain- colored dresses are gorgeous, but only if they are clean! I love, love white but have realized how much work it can be! I wear white leggings or playground shorts and can always scrub them and if all else fails bleach them and then re-wash so as not to irritate skin. But so Summer Dresses Girls Brightmany white dresses will look dingy fast because of embroidery or colors on them, so I stick with some white for Sunday and otherwise we go for bold color and practicality!
  • Cool and breezy. This does not always mean cotton! A good dress out of jersey mixes can be cool to! I like the way jersey can handle sweat and not look crumpled and wrinkled instantly. And we all know Mama does not have time to iron hems down on every dress we pull out of the closet!
    • Cotton is ultimately the coolest but I really have enjoyed the practicality and durability of jersey knits. They also play well!
  • Comfortable for the heat and not binding anywhere. Cotton and Polyesters can really have this problem in summer because of sweaty, sticky skin. I tend to get a pretty decent fit if I got cottons so as not to bind if they sit and play or run around. Especially under the arm and strap area.
  • Colorful. In a season full of color bring out the bright and the bold! We love bright summer clothes! In a season full of color we bring it on! Colors are also practical, especially in bold prints! I love a good plaid as it seems to kind of blur those stains from the good ice cream that was enjoyed by a two-year-old!
    • They are also wonderful to be able to quickly spot your little in the playground or in a group of children. I learned this and we pick out the brightest and boldest for playground trips!

Dresses for All Ages

Summer dresses for girls is an easy season to me. There are so many styles though. I have a very petite daughter and we have learned the hard way on narrow straps. They always seem to be sliding down. So unless they are tie at the shoulder straps, we go for more of the sleeveless but with a shoulder seam.Summer Dresses For Girls Handkerchief Hem

Muscle style T-shirt dresses also work a lot better than the narrow ones. So many cotton ones are adorable, but I don’t like to get the cotton ones to small because of binding in a very hot climate so we go with the other styles and that seems to always work better!

Flutter sleeve type dresses are also super cool for summer if you prefer some type of sleeve! I do not love the halter type dresses as my daughter hates anything to tight close to her neck!

Handkerchief hems are always so cute for summer to and also are super twirling hems! I love the change of hemlines to. Can you tell we like variety around here?

The Perfect Blend of Comfort and style

I have some favorite brands that I am going to try this summer. Tea Collection has some beautiful wrap dresses and I have yet to have any problems with their dresses! They run true to size and also launder well! No looking dingy and worn after many, many trips through the washer!

I love a good wrap neck style of dress. Summery and also comfortable and a little change from the normal round T-shirt neckline!

I also love twirl dresses for summer! They are so loose and airy feeling! My daughter loves dresses so as you can see we definitely have lots of different styles and things that we both love. Twirl dresses are probably the coolest of all the dresses with the big fluffier skirts.

Practical Fun

I you have not noticed by now my biggest things when looking for summer dresses for girls is practicality, which also means comfort, but they absolutely have to have some style! I want them to be Summer Dresses For Girls Practical Funfun. My daughter is definitely a girly girl and wants everything pink and rainbows and unicorns. She also refuses to wear shorts and a shirt. She. Must. Have. Dresses. Really I do not mind. They are super easy to put on. She is actually starting to put them on herself now.

So to me I look for dresses and spend the time finding the perfect ones. I hope this helps you in your journey to find those dresses that are perfect for any summer occasion that comes your way. Go on nature walks and look for bugs. Enjoy the sunshine in the morning. Lift your face to the sun and twirl along beside your little! I love hearing from you dressing littles and what works for you and if you have any dress advise that I can use! Drop me a line!

Cheers to staying cool through the heat of summer!




  • Barbara

    Oh my God these dresses are really so cute, made me wish I had a girl toegther with my two handsome boys.

    I love your post sometimes it’s good to point out certain things that most of the times we don’t even think about. My best friend has a little girl and I know she will love reading your site. So I might not have the girl to wear the dresses but i definately have lots of freinds I am going to share your blog with!

    • Carla

      Little girls are truly so much fun to shop for!  Although I often look at the adorable boys clothes to and sometimes wish I could shop for them!  Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • Ashley

    I don’t have any daughter but I have a niece that I absolutely love. She’s almost 2 so her mom buys her lots of different dresses, I think she has almost every color. I do agree that light colored dresses are really easy to get messy, especially if the little girl eats something – they’re surely have to be washed out.

    But I generally prefer strong colors for kids’ clothes – especially dresses. I think it makes them look much better, whether it’s pink, yellow, green or red. Do you have any special recommendations for 2 y.o girls in terms of summer dresser? I’d love to hear the opinion of someone who’s better at this than I am.

    • Carla

      Yes I have a very favorite brand that seems to always deliver on summer dresses!  Tea collection has the best colors and fabrics and so many options when it comes to patterned fabric!  They are a bit more pricey but they have good sales and seem to wash and wear so well! I have some links to them if you click on the pictures in the summer dresses post!  Thanks for stopping by!  I loved hearing from you!

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