Toddler Panties

Toddler Panties – Wading Through The Options

Keep in mind through all this is that I have a super petite 2.5 year old. A lot of this information is for any size and age though!

We had talked just a bit about potty training and I was completely not planning on trying it any time soon. Like not at all. Not till she was good and ready because of all the horror stories I have read and heard!

She came up to me on day and said, “Mom, today I am going to wear panties.” I must have had the most blank expression on my face because she repeated herself. And again. Well I was not about to say no, even though we were in the middle of harvest and had a trip planned within the next 3 weeks. I thought it was a passing phase and did not think it would last more than an afternoon. Apparently when they are ready they are!

I scrounged around to find a few pairs of toddler panties I had bought months ago just in case and put them on. The smallest size I had been able to find were 4T-5T. They were absolutely huge on her!

Let me tell you something, if you think your child is petite and clothes are hard to fit? Try taking that diaper off and petite is even more petite! Everything instantly was big. Leggings were loose and the panties were about falling off! Her swimsuits from her 18 month days suddenly fit better than her current 2T one.

I learned a lot along the way about and hopefully this can help you!


Please, whatever you do put cotton panties on that little girl of yours. It is gentle on their skin. I find that organic cotton always seems to be the softest! I am not saying you have to buy organic but they are almost always the softest if you are online looking for feel and comfort and you cannot actually feel them. Always a good bet to get organic!

If you live in a hot, high humidity area cotton is a must. It wicks moisture and heat away from the area, therefore warding off yeast infections and just general itchiness. In general though, any climate is a good climate for cotton!

To Small to Fit

Now stores need to get the memo! Pretty much every brand does make 2T-3T toddler panties. But you almost have to get them online. They are very hard to find in any store that I have looked in. Apparently people either wait till their child is older or do not have petite little bums they are trying to cover?

Now different brands fit different. I have found some to be a lot bigger even in the 2T-3T sizes. The character ones fit big. The elastic is tighter on the legs than most but not the softest. Although which little girl does not love princesses and fun colors?  She loved them once I found ones that were the 2T size.

A boy short style in toddler panties seems to fit really good on her as well. There is no elastic on the legs and is more like a playground short fit or legging fit. You do not have to wear panties and then playground shorts or something over them. Even though they sure are cute little panties not everyone has to see them!

What To Look For

A few things I wish I had known before I plunked money down on all these different toddler panties!

  • No tags! Unless you want a wiggling scratching child all day.
  • Soft elastic.
  • 100% Cotton.
  • Thinner elastic bands. Some have a wide, somewhat thicker band at the top and these can really be quite a bump through leggings. Personal preference.
  • Fun colors! Trust me you have to make life fun even if it is just panties!


I tried so many brands and wanted to help you wade through the options that there are! I feel like I bought 50 pairs of toddler panties before I found the perfect one! We have tried to make potty training as fun as possible. Wait, is that even possible? I do like to try at least!

Buy a bunch.  No matter how ready your child is, there will still be accidents.  A few in your purse.  Some in the car.  Some at home.  They are not an expensive item and we have avoided a lot of laundry that way!

I myself am pretty picky on what I wear as far as comfort goes. I wanted her to be as comfortable as possible through this all! We sometimes forget and wonder why they act the way they do! Do I like wearing uncomfortable shoes, shirts or panties? No! I have found that comfort above all is key to children and they are a lot happier! The good thing is that comfort is often not expensive. It is just something that takes a little thought and research sometimes!

Here is to all the potty training mamas out there







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