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Toddler Girl Clothes – The Essentials

Where to begin? I have a very opinionated 2 year old when it comes to clothes. We have gone through the phase where every dress had to twirl. Now we are going through the phase of cozy. And then there is the stage of refusing pants. Toddler girl clothes are not for the faint of heart and they will probably always keep you guessing!

She does like a variety and I try to give her a bit. I mean I love my comfy clothes to but sometimes I like a bit of variety. Long sleeves vs short sleeves. Pink, not green. You get it. I think above all it is important to be comfortable! The fun of toddler girl clothes is there is a world of options and accessories out there. It is so much fun!

I have a very petite daughter. This makes it all a bit harder and also makes Mom work a bit harder to find things that actually fit! I is a challenge I am up for though!

How to Shop

When I get a dress I try to find accessories that match and kind of have a revolving outfit set so that I know what goes with what and is not as confusing and also frustrating! Have enough pairs of leggings. There is nothing more annoying than trying to go through dirty laundry to find a certain pair of leggings and then have to quickly do laundry. We all know that when a toddler is done with clothes there is no saving them to wear again before a trip to the washer. Give me tips if you do!

So keeping that in mind, I try to get a pair of leggings or capris or whatever it is right away. Because I have a petite I rarely buy outfit sets. They are so gorgeous but nothing fits at the right time! Lots of brands are great because they usually have a universal navy or they name colors so you can tell if they will go with the shirt or dress you pick out.

I have talked about it before but I love the jean leggings. They always go! I do keep one in my purse at all times now to because of the practicality. Potty training makes you have no choice but to be prepared!


No outfit is complete without a cute set of shoes to go with it! Although if you want to see a cute pair of shoes broken in quickly just take a toddler to the playground! I like to have a couple of different pairs. They don’t have to be expensive. Just functional. I have a such a little girl that shoes have been hard to find. They are all to wide or the ankle slips and I am not willing to put uncomfortable shoes on those cute feet. Think how miserable you are with an uncomfortable pair of shoes!  One brand I can almost always count on for comfort and practicality but without a big price tag is Cat and Jack from Target.  They have super cute styles and colors!

I look for a few things when I buy shoes:

  • A good sole that can move and is not stiff
  • No stiff leather or rubber to break in or cause possible blisters
  • Colors that can go with all outfits
  • Nothing to heavy
  • Budget Friendly

What I Cannot Live Without

There are a few things when it comes to toddler girl clothes that I cannot live without!

These can be hard to find and I am not sure why! 18-24 month they have them and then from 2T-3T they seem to disappear! When you have tiny little feet grippy socks in shoes can help so much if they are just a bit wide or big!

I think I have said this many times but truly they are the perfect accessory and they go with anything. Practical to!

  • Slip-On Sneakers

Comfortable, soft, slip-on sneakers that they can put on themselves. Lifesavers when you need to go out the door and also making them a bit more independent! Yes, they might get put on the wrong foot but they have shoes on and that is a win!

  • T-Shirt DressesT-Shirt Dress Toddler Girl Clothes

They are soft, comfortable and good for every shape, color, and size! They are perfect for play dates and days in the park. They can be thrown on with no buttons or zippers. Also the husband usually understands the word T-shirt dress when he goes to look for clothes!

Practicality, Comfort, Cuteness

These are just a few of my favorite toddler girl clothes! There are so many things but I like to focus on practicality, comfort and of course it has to be cute! With just a bit of sparkle? Actually maybe a lot! If the clothes have all these three then everyone is happy!

here’s to happy shopping,





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