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Toddler Girl Leggings – A Must Have

If I could pick one thing that was almost the most important thing in my daughters wardrobe, that would be leggings. They go with everything! They can dress up in a snap but are still OK to wear to the playground. They are a staple for any wardrobe if it is dressy or casual.

The options of color and patterns are amazing. In other words you can usually find what you want!

Practical Classics

So when it comes to leggings I tend to the practical with a few fun ones thrown in. The ones that are practical and go with everything.

  • Navy, It really goes with almost everything! Different brands all are all a little bit of a shade different but usually navy is not a hard one if it is not an exact match.
  • Jean look leggings. Now these truly do go with anything!
  • Black, I like to get a sparkly black one. Not with the sparkles that are in the thread of the fabric though because that causes itching and no one likes that!

There so many colors and patterns out there that I get almost dizzy at the options! Sometimes I try to get a gray background instead of white. Just because it doesn’t look as dirty as soon. But with some good washing I can usually get white ones clean again. I just try not to have to many pairs or otherwise washing in a hurry is a nightmare!

I also try to have some primary colors. Especially at Christmas you can do so much with red. Lots of fall clothes are instantly turned into Christmas with a real red added to them!

Stripes and polka dots are almost another neutral sometimes and can be a super cute accent that goes with a variety of dresses and other patterns.

Comfort Comes First

I try to put myself in her comfort. I really think it comes down to is would I wear it myself? Also realizing their skin can be much more sensitive than ours.

Think of how much they move. It is like a gymnastics class and a marathon put together. Would you be comfortable doing all that in what you pick for them?

Look for comfortable fabrics. Most leggings are made out of jersey knits. But it is amazing how many textures are still out there. Soft flexible ones are the best!

I like the blend of 92-95% cotton but with 5-8% spandex for movement. This blend washes well and almost gets softer with time but does not stretch out and look baggy. It keeps its shape. They also seem to hold their color the best with this blend.

Summer Alternatives

So it is blazing hot and summer has arrived. You want an alternative to everyone being able to see panties? Playground shorts are the answer! Made out of the same fabric as leggings and with the exact same fit just a whole lot shorter, these are the answer!

Fitted just a bit so the don’t ride up and long enough to be comfortable. But also short enough to wear under a dress! We love these! If you have a princess like mine with many dresses in her closet rain or shine, winter or summer than these will become a staple for those twirly dresses for summer!

Have Fun

I hope this helps you wade through the wonderful world of leggings! We love them and I hope it helps you through all the many options! Every child is different. But I still say comfort is key no matter what for any size, shape, and age. Then there has to be cuteness all with that! So looking for the perfect blend can be hard sometimes! Wishing you happy days and fun play dates!






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