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Toddler Pajamas – Reviewing My Favorites

Let’s talk a bit about toddler pajamas. There are options. When I say options, like a LOT! I love them all but have found a favorite that I want to expound on! Keep in mind that I do have a toddler that is rather on the petite side but is finally growing like a weed. These pajamas have worked through all the growing so really the tips work for any size!

Snug fit is important no matter the size of your little one. It is important for chunky or more petite sizes. Find the one that fits for your child because safety is important if you are wearing 100% Cotton on your little.

We started wearing 2 piece pajamas when my then 1 year old was really having a lot of sleep problems. I had read that snug fit pajamas without feet are the answer for a growing toddler sometimes and it did make a huge difference! I guess she likes to have free toes.

2 piece pajamas also seem to last a bit longer as they grow. You don’t have to buy the next size up quite as soon. You can get versions of all these 2 piece pajamas in a one piece version to if that is what you are wearing on your child.

Yes I would go in and check to make sure those toes were warm the first night and they did. Often there would be just one foot out. She must regulate her temp that way naturally!

These 3 are my favorite pajamas to date and have worked for a long time which I love because it takes the guess work out when you need to size up!


Where To Find: TargetToddler Pajamas Target

Price: 2 Pack for $15.99

Pros: Soft, Comfortable, Snug Fit

Cons: Shrinks A Lot, Size Up

Fabric: 100% Cotton Rib

My Rating: 9 out of 10


I love these pajamas. They are 100% Cotton, therefore not flame resistant. You want them to fit snugly for safety.

Being 100% Cotton makes them breathable. We get short sleeve in the summer and long sleeve in the winter. They never seem over hot but also not to cold. They keep her temperature even no matter the season it seems like.

Super cute and fun prints and colors. These usually come in coordinating color sets and patterns so they always match no matter what you pull out of the drawer!

Budget stamp of approval!

They wash well. The darker colors maybe look a bit faded after a few washes but that does not affect the comfort or how long the fabric lasts.


Where To Find: AmazonToddler Pajamas Amazon

Price: $16.95

Pros: 100% Organic Cotton, Softest, Cuddliest

Cons: Size Up Due To A Very Snug Fit

Fabric: 100% Certified Organic Cotton

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


These are truly the softest, cuddliest pajamas and are made for snuggling! They have won the Cribsie Award for the softest and snuggliest pajamas for 2016, 2017, and 2018!

Again snug fit because they are not flame resistant. Remember they should not fit loose and you do want them to fit snug and securely. They are a super snug fit and I recommend sizing up.

They do wash well and almost get softer as you use them. Fun and pretty prints and also a lot of Unisex prints which is nice if you are planning to add on to that brood of yours!

Options, Options

All in all I would choose any of these and happily wear them on my daughter. I often have some of each in the drawer at all times. If organic is your priority then it is a win all around for you! I always lean towards comfort and of course Burts Bees has all that and more but with a bigger price tag and I realize how expensive clothing can be and want to give you my budget friendly version on that! Keeping a toddler in clothes that fit seems like an impossible task when they grow so fast!

Bedtime should be fun! All of these brand have amazing color choices and change with the seasons! I always like to have 3-4 sets on hand because I like to sacrifice a few dollars instead of always doing laundry. Lazy? I like to call it a smart use of my time!

Mom Talk

I hope this has helped you make choices for toddler pajamas that are right for you and your dear little one. I always wish I had had someone to help me wade through the options that had truly tried them all and here you have hands on experience and the results of a little trial and error. Maybe a lot of trial and error!

I love to hear from other Moms and what has worked for them or what they like about the ones that I love as well. Fell free to leave comments about what works for you and your little one!

As always, cheers to you Mama. Keep up the good job of keeping your little one in clothes that are comfortable and safe!



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