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Toddler Shoes – Farm Girl to Sunday Best

Shoes, shoes, shoes. Pink, sparkly, dressy, casual. Truly endless, until you have smaller, petite child. I have a confession. I love shoes and when I found out we were having a girl, well, lets just say my mind might have gone to shoes first! I wandered the aisle and dreamed about what that little girl would one day wear. I bought tiny infant ones that looked so tiny I though they might even be too small.

Then she was born. Not a shoe or sock fit her tiny 4lb 15 oz beautiful feet! The little dear went barefoot for the first 3 months of her life! Those feet stayed small and little and narrow and when she started walking at 9 months I about pulled my hair out trying to find shoes that she could walk in. She was a goer and nothing stopped her!

We live on a farm so she needed shoes that could stand dirt and uneven ground and yet were not bulky. She needed Sunday shoes for church. Then of course some cute ones to! I am OK with tennis shoes, but was determined to find cute girly shoes. So the hunt started and many returns and much anticipating the dear UPS guy that so faithfully drives all the way out to out farm!

It pays to not get shoes to big, It saves a lot of tripping, falling and just generally being uncomfortable. Imagine running and jumping all day with tennis shoes 2 sizes to big?

Tie shoes, wait till they can tie their own unless you wan to spend half your day tying shoes. There are so many super cute options out there that are not tie.

True Farm Girls Wear Crocs and Rain Boots

I envisioned cowboy boots but try that on little feet that are learning to balance and we have a whole bigger problem. I wanted comfort and flexibility. Also washable. Crocs clog style shoes were the answer for her! They checked all the boxes and in a teeny tiny size 2? Pretty cute actually. She is super independent to and being able to slip them on herself is always a win.

They became a staple. The best thing was being washable. She could totally trash them in the mud and I could wash them off with the garden hose and we could use them for the pool. Let them dry and they were ready for the house! To chilly? Put socks on if you are not going for style and purely comfort and practicality!

Then it got cold and I didn’t know what I would ever do! Insulated rubber boots became our go to when those chilly winter months came. We have winter but not constant snow and bitter cold. We have snow for no more than a few days ever. So they had to endure cold but wet mud and puddles to! The insulated rain boots worked wonderfully and were flexible to walk in for those little feet.

From Crocs To Sunday Best

We love to dress up and especially for church. Not that crocs work just fine for worshiping but it is fun to dress up, especially when spend so much time outdoors covered in dust and mud! The best thing about dressy shoes and little feet is that there is often a band across the top. As they get older they start taking that band of elastic or fabric off. There are a lot of ballerina style shoes for dress.

Ballerina style shoes tend to run narrow so that is perfect for us! They are often just plain black or just not to interesting. The Cat and Jack brand does a good job of changing it up. Especially with the seasons. They always seem to bring out a new pair or color.

Moccasins are amazing for style choices and you can get them in any color you want and are super comfortable and flexible. We had one in every color for the longest time. Now my daughter is almost 3 and likes the princess look so princess and sparkle it is!

Winter I became so practical and just bought a pair of dressier booties and she wears those to church and anywhere else we go!

The Keys to Comfort

Think about how a pair of shoes you have had that are to tight or rub just wrong and give blisters? Do you like it? They can put me in the worst mood some days, and especially after a whole day of wearing them! Wonder why your toddler is in a bad mood? Try taking the shoes off. IF they cheer up then I know the shoes are probably uncomfortable. It is so hard to gauge it sometimes but that is my no fail, fool proof plan usually.

Key things I look for when I shop shoes for littles:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Flexible sole
  3. On the narrow side of width
  4. Can the color go with lots of her outfits
  5. Budget friendly

Toddler Shoe Conclusions

Every child is different I found out and there are very few brands that specifically target narrow shoes. That is why I have learned by trial and error and want to help you wade through the endless options and know what to look for when you go shop. If you get a blissful shopping day without a toddler in tow. Take a drawing of their feet, cut it out and lay it on the outside bottom of shoes that you are looking at and you can see exactly how they fit. Good for Grandmas and uncle and aunts to!

Have fun. If girl loves sparkle, then girl loves sparkle! I wan to give you the tools to work with what you have and make it practical, comfortable and fun for everyone! Shopping will no the such a guessing game! Lots of brand give measurements of their shoes. Measure that little kiddos feet but make sure they are standing up when you measure! mark the big toe and the back of the heel and you have a pretty good clue if they will fit or not!

Enjoy every minute. One day they will probably outgrow your shoes and get their own style and have their own opinions about it all. Except who knew a 2-year old had all that already? Work with them on shies because you wan them to be comfortable. Running and jumping and twirling all day is hard work and comfortable shoes are important!

Here’s to cute shoes!


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