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Toddler Swimsuits – Safety Plus Style

There is nothing as fun as toddler swimsuits and sunny summer days! Pool days are the best. But make sure you are safe out there. You need snacks, hydration and practice sun safety as much as you possibly can. We started pool days at a very young age and our daughter has gone into the toddler stage and water so easily. I love everything about it and finding the right swimsuit has been all part of it!

The baby stage is so much easier because it seems like anything fits! Then the running and swimming and crazy water days arrive with an active toddler and all of a sudden just floating around in a floater has gone to water fights and swimming for hours and endless energy and many hours spent in that swimsuit. So it was important for me to find that perfect one!

Can we have a talk about how adorable toddler swimsuits are? Those cute little legs and perfect bum could not look more adorable in a swimsuit! I have a super petite little one and the swimsuit journey has been quite a trial and error one! So many fit fine with a diaper.

Then came potty training and nothing fit! I had to majorly downsize again and pull out her 12 month ones at 2 years old! Mostly because her bum just hung out of everything. We figured that out and also one piece rash guards and since then things have been going swimmingly!

Sun Safety

If you swim mostly indoors or mornings and evenings you do not have to worry about that perfect skin being in the sun as much. 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. are the worst times to be out. Fair skin can get burnt even after these hours.

We live on a farm where it gets super hot and swim all day pretty much! Morning, afternoon and evening. Please, Please practice as much sun safety as possible with that little one. Did you know getting sunburns weakens your little ones immune system among the many other bad things it does to their skin long term?

  • Cover as much skin as possible with rash guards.
  • Cover all skin with SPF 45 (or more) water resistant, broad spectrum sun screen and remember to re apply often.
  • Stay in the shade as much as possible
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
  • Salty snacks
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses

The 2 Piece

There is something about a 2 piece toddler swimsuit that is so perfectly cute! The little tummy that you can see, except for all too much bum again with a petite girl. I thought I was doing myself a favor and Toddler Swimsuit Rash Guard Two Piecebought a 2 piece in her size for the next summer on a super good deal. Only to find out when I put it on that the panties were falling off! Literally falling off. The top fit perfect tho! There are not a lot of mix and match toddler swimsuits companies out there, besides rash guards.

So we have ditched the idea of 2 piece and stuck with the one piece purely for fit.

I put rash guards on the safety list because they are just such the best plan. Now 2 piece rash guard are great and you can get UV blocking ones in a 2 piece. Did you know your little one can get UV rays under the water even? So if there is a sliver of belly or back it can get too much sun and result in a sunburn and that is the last thing you want for them! It seems impossible to keep a child’s tummy completely unexposed to sun in a 2 piece so I have completely changed any rash guard to a 1 piece and then we have no problems. Just a pain for potty trips!

The 1 Piece

The one that we love and own a fair amount of. The 1 piece swimsuit and 1 piece rash guard. It works for Toddler Swimsuit Rash Guardany age, size and especially for tiny little bums!

I love the one piece rash guard swimsuit for the complete cover up for sunny days! I lather her hands, face and legs in sunscreen and do not have to worry so much about the rest of her getting sun. That tender back and tummy burn so quickly.

I got a rash guard that is UV blocking. How cool is that? And smart because then I just have to make sure I keep sunscreen on the exposed areas. It does not seem to make her swimming any harder as they are usually a tighter fit. To big and the one piece could hinder their swimming capabilities. Swimsuits somehow seem to grow with them for a while! The one piece probably gets out grown faster. The 2 piece works just fine to if you have a little one growing like a weed!

For The Fun Of It

I love everything about swimming and it has been important for me to find toddler swimsuits that we like and are functional, safe and of course adorable for my daughter! One that I do not have to worry about when it is sunny but still super cute for when it’s a better time for them like morning swims. We keep a few on hand because my daughter has a complete melt down putting on a wet swimsuit.

Honestly I just love that she wants to be outside! Toddler swimsuits are budget friendly and really you can get by with just one. Get them out for swim lessons early! When they are little it is fun for Mom and child because you get to go with them. Plus they teach a ton about water safety and I feel that is such an important life lesson! Even if you do not grow up by a beach or lakes and rivers. To me water is a life lesson and also who can argue with fresh air? Your little one needs it!

Here’s to happy, sunny, and swim-suit clad days!


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